How do I enter tuplets?

 The following tutorial will show you how to enter and edit tuplets.

>There'll be a new video here shortly. In the meantime, please try the German version. There's a transcript below. Thank you!


Here’s a transcript of the video:

The following video will show you how to configure and enter triplets. We want to add an accompanying melody of eighths and quarter triplets to our score.

If you want to enter triplets, select an eighth note from the input palette and select the triplet mode.
An additional menu now opens below the input palette.
With this additional menu you can configure the triplets.

At the moment, quarters are selected. Since we want to enter eighth note triplets, we’ll have to change the value. The ratio of 3:2 eighth notes is correct for a classic triplet. There’s no need for adjusting anything here.

If you wish to stop entering triplets, click on the triplet mode within the input palette.
As a result, it’s deactivated.

Now, for quarter triplets, you’ll click on the triplet mode again.
Select the 3:2 ration for quarters in the additional menu below.


The triplet tool allows you to enter any kind of tuplet you want.
Say, quintuplets or sextuplets, for example. Simply adjust the ratio.

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