There was no mail! How do I get my link?!

If you can't find our mail in your inbox after ordering FORTE, there are several possibilities:

(1) Most importantly: the email containing your download link is automatically sent to your paypal address!

(2) Please check your spam or junk folder. Unfortunately, our message sometimes get stuck there.
We sent from "licensing(at)".

(3) Sometime, the paypal service needs some minutes to update. This process should not take longer than 24 hours.

(4) If you did not use paypal, but a different payment service, your license is created manually. Our employees check the receipt of the payment before setting up the license.


If you checked on all of these points and if you're still lacking your download link, please send an email to FORTE's support team. Please provide your full name, email address(es) as well as a proof of your payment.

If you already own a FORTE license, but you have just set up a new computer, please write an email to FORTE's support team. Please provide the same information as above.
Thank you!

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