How do I record notes in FORTE with my MIDI instrument?

Plug in your MIDI-instrument.

Turn on your MIDI-instrument.

Start FORTE.

In the main menu, select "Record".

Open "Mixer".

Check the transfer of data: Press any key on your instrument. "IN" should light quickly:


Start the record mode. Please check the timing:

And ... record!


If this won't work:

  1. Check that your MIDI-instrument is selected: Main menu "Options" - Devices - MIDI in - Default Recording Device
  2. The MIDI-in plug of your cable needs to be connected to the MIDI-out connector.
  3. Check that you connect your instrument first. Start FORTE only after your instrument is connected.
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    Eddie Daniel Reece

    Once I have recorded several measures and save, how do I open song to add more measures without adding a second track?

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