FORTE does not start. "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-10.dll" is missing. [FORTE 7 onwards]

Please restart your computer and reinstall FORTE. If this doesn't work please follow these steps:

FORTE versions from FORTE 7 onwards needs the installation of Visual Studio Runtime 2015.

1. Download and install all possible updates for your Windows version. Even the optional ones.

2. If FORTE doesn't work yet you need to install Visual Studio Runtime 2015 manually.

Here you go to the download-link:

Click on download and install the file. Restart your computer and FORTE should work fine.

3. Sometimes the following update helps as well:

Choose your operating system and download the package.

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    My computer can't even install Visual Studio Runtime 2015. It comes up with error 0x80240017.

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