How do I enter notes from my MIDI-device in real-time?

FORTE Home and Premium feature real-time recording with a MIDI-device. You can enter notes with a MIDI-device via MIDI-input or via USB.
FORTE does not support ASIO interfaces yet. We're confident we'll be able to offer a ASIO and VST3 support for the upcoming versions of FORTE.

In order to minimize latencies, please configurate the MIDI-in and the MIDI-out of your device. Your MIDI-device must have a sound module in order to do that.

Please note: Plug in your instrument before starting FORTE on your computer!

Once you've set up your instrument correctly, select the main menu "Record". Set up the metronome with the right tempo. Click on the red record MIDI-Button. FORTE will count you in for two measures before starting the recording.

The following video will help you set up your MIDI-device:

>>There'll be a new video here shortly. In the meantime, please try the version with the German layout.



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