Why doesn't SharpEye work?

You bought SharpEye online...

... and received a confirming e-mail.

This confirmation contains a download-link. Please follow the link and download SharpEye. Install SharpEye. Save the attached file "LicenseKey.dat" and proceed as follows.

  1. Save "LicenseKey.dat" on your desktop.
  2. Minimize all windows in order to see your desktop.
  3. Start SharpEye2. Adjust the SharpEye window so that you can see the aforementioned file on your desktop.
  4. In the main menu, select "Help" and click on "About SharpEye".
  5. A new window opens.
  6. Click on the saved file on your desktop.
  7. Drag the saved file from your desktop into the newly opened window.
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