Should I buy the download or the box?

Buying a box you have a physical product that you can touch and put on a shelf. Sometimes, it’s important to have that kind of feeling for a purchase. However, producing CDs and boxes and wrapping and shipping them requires a lot of energy and resources. This causes environmental stress. That’s why the boxes cost an additional $10. Boxes are produced at the release date (Version X.0). That means if you buy a box at a later time in the year, you’ll have to install an additional upgrade right away (Version X.1).

Your download license is with you right away and you can get started immediately. Even on a Friday night. Licenses are always sent to your paypal account (!). Please remember to check your spam folder, too. A download doesn’t require any ressources save for an internet connection. They are eco-friendly. Download licenses are always up to date – you’ll always get the latest version. We recommend you save the setup file of your license, say, on an external hard drive. And even if you lose this file, we’ll always be able to send you your download link and license key again. (Here's how-to.)

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